Level IT

Phone2Blog® allows you to instantly post messages on your Internet blog via simple phone calls, without the use of any computer manipulation.

Do you want to share an event, an emotion or a thought? To immediately leave a message wherever you are?

You don’t have access to a computer connected to the Internet, you don’t want to spend time typing your notes, your emotions, your ideas… No worries, simply call your Phone2Blog® number, identify yourself and leave your message on your voice mail. Just end your call and wait a moment. It’s all folks, your message is available on your website or on your blog. Phone2Blog® is that simple.

Through a simple phone, your cellular, or even a satellite phone, you can leave news to your friends and the whole world in real time. No longer need to spend hours typing and formatting your messages. Nothing can replace your voice. There is no need to use any computer or Internet access, your messages are automatically added to your blog.

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